Love is freedom

As we cross our fingers waiting for October 26th as Kenyans, i ask myself; how did we get here? 

We need to start questioning whatever is happening. Questioning is the basis of all progress. 

Is this a battle between NASA and jubilee? 

Or is it between Luos and the kikuyus? 

Is it between Raila and Uhuru? 

Or is between good and evil? 

Whichever it is, what am sure about is we need to open our third eyes

To see beyond what we are told

And realise whatever battle it is, 

Love is freedom. 

Love is what is going to save us Kenyans

Love of your neighbour 

Love and fear of your God.  


Our little princess Ellyjoy

Look at your tiny body

So innocent,

So fragile,

Yet so full of life

On 18th August is when you got to see this world

Having no idea what’s going on

Why so many happy faces around you

Endless pictures of you

How blessed we felt

A new member of the family


28th August 3. 48AM

Thats when i got the news

That you are no longer with us

That those tiny lungs

No longer function

That that tiny body,

That was once full of life,

Is now lifeless


Our little sweet girl, Ellyjoy

You did not get the chance to see the world,

To get to know and master it

To get to meet your family

How do i even tell my 6year old sister of your fate

How do i make her understand,

That her dreams of being your favourite aunt, 

Cannot be fulfilled

That you had to leave

Before she could meet you

I find myself shedding tears every time i think of that tiny body

Trying to fight for its life in that theatre

How do i compose myself to tell her all these


4. 52am

I still cant sleep

My pillow soaking wet

Griefing for your little soul

And eventhough your tiny body is no longer with us

Your sweet soul has a special place in our hearts

We love you, but the Lord loves you more

You are in better place

Rest in peace our little princess. 


Her beautiful smile

Her warm laughter

She will ever be a bubble of joy
We all loved her.. 

But you loved her more

I wish we could feel what’s inside you.

So that we can understand how much it hurts

So that we can understand how it feels to be betrayed

By the world

That took away the one that you love

At such a young age

But we can’t
Let it hurt

Let yourself bleed

Cry when you feel like letting it out 

We won’t judge

They say a real man doesn’t cry

But i believe a real man accepts he is hurt

And will cry to let it out

To let it bleed

Then let it heal
Give it time

And i promise you’ll feel whole again

All we can do is be here for you

Know that we got your back

Every step you take. 
R. I. P Brittany. 

Yes, it’s a little bit more complicated 

As i sat in a matatu to town

I happened to notice something

The Zusha campaign 

And it hit me


We, as Africans, have not learned to speak up


If you ask me 

It all goes back to the colonisation era

Where we were ‘trained’ not to question

A habit that’s been going on generation to the next

If a child asks why he’s doing Chemistry, 

 And wants to persue arts

The mother says

‘Because that’s the system’ 

That same system will teach a child

How to just pass exams, go to college and get a job that they have no idea how to do it

Instead of naturing an individual’s skill and talent

This idea of  ‘not questioning things’ has cost us alot

That is why 

This is when activists like Bonface Mwangi

Are coming out to try and fix things

That is why

We will keep having a corrupt government 

If nothing is done

And as we point fingers to the government 

For being in dept, 

Sit down and think

How have i contributed to it all? 

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And that’s what i believe in

I hate what I’ve had to go thru

I hate the mistakes I’ve made

I hate looking at people’s judgmental faces when i pass by

I hate my negative past

But guess what,

That’s what made me

The strong woman I’ve become

Am not saying I’ve experienced it all

Lord knows am not even halfway thru

But it’s enough to know

Humans are poison

‘Friends’ going behind yoh back

A mother throwing away a 1day old baby

Being bullied by your own friends

Your so-called-bestfriend raping yoh 5year-old daughter

Your wife cheating with your friend…

The list goes on and on
It’s enough to say that

In this life, YOU determine when to hurt

How long

And when it’s time to heal

In this life,

In your life, it’s all about you

And your relationship with your sorroundings

(Which of course includes the humans)

And whether you decide to risk doing sth worth it or not

You’ll still die

Funny, right?
Believe in yourself

Appreciate and give back to nature 

Go for walks and adventures

Be loyal to your other half

Have mind blowing sex

Get off your phone once in a while

Laugh harder

Make others smile

Be the reason why someone made it in life

Do what you got to do to make you happy

But  never at the expense of another human’s happiness. 

Mama,there is this boy


There’s this boy I’d like you to meet

No, don’t be sad, he’s not like the others 

Not at all

This one makes me happy

Makes me feel beautiful


Worth the risk

We’d sit at the balcony

Talking about the beautiful view

Our favourite scents

Our fears

As we smoke a joint or two

He speaks with emotions

From a twisted mind

I know, 

I’ve said I’ve met ‘the one’ before

I know, 

Am still young and ‘inexperienced’

I know, 

Love is shitty

And messy

And confusing

But when it comes to him

am willing to take the risk

What’s the worst can happen? 


Don’t worry too much

My heart is strong enough, 

I believe. 


What if it can’t handle anymore disappoints? 

What if he doesn’t feel the same? 

What if it’s not forever? 

You’ll still love and motivate me,