And that’s what i believe in

I hate what I’ve had to go thru

I hate the mistakes I’ve made

I hate looking at people’s judgmental faces when i pass by

I hate my negative past

But guess what,

That’s what made me

The strong woman I’ve become

Am not saying I’ve experienced it all

Lord knows am not even halfway thru

But it’s enough to know

Humans are poison

‘Friends’ going behind yoh back

A mother throwing away a 1day old baby

Being bullied by your own friends

Your so-called-bestfriend raping yoh 5year-old daughter

Your wife cheating with your friend…

The list goes on and on
It’s enough to say that

In this life, YOU determine when to hurt

How long

And when it’s time to heal

In this life,

In your life, it’s all about you

And your relationship with your sorroundings

(Which of course includes the humans)

And whether you decide to risk doing sth worth it or not

You’ll still die

Funny, right?
Believe in yourself

Appreciate and give back to nature 

Go for walks and adventures

Be loyal to your other half

Have mind blowing sex

Get off your phone once in a while

Laugh harder

Make others smile

Be the reason why someone made it in life

Do what you got to do to make you happy

But  never at the expense of another human’s happiness. 


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