Yes, it’s a little bit more complicated 

As i sat in a matatu to town

I happened to notice something

The Zusha campaign 

And it hit me


We, as Africans, have not learned to speak up


If you ask me 

It all goes back to the colonisation era

Where we were ‘trained’ not to question

A habit that’s been going on generation to the next

If a child asks why he’s doing Chemistry, 

 And wants to persue arts

The mother says

‘Because that’s the system’ 

That same system will teach a child

How to just pass exams, go to college and get a job that they have no idea how to do it

Instead of naturing an individual’s skill and talent

This idea of  ‘not questioning things’ has cost us alot

That is why 

This is when activists like Bonface Mwangi

Are coming out to try and fix things

That is why

We will keep having a corrupt government 

If nothing is done

And as we point fingers to the government 

For being in dept, 

Sit down and think

How have i contributed to it all? 

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